Quality Win Rankings

This ranking methodology looks at the current MCLA poll and assigns a value to every win and loss according to the poll.

Win Score is calculated as follows: (27-Rank of Opponent) or +0 if unranked

Example: If you beat the #3 team  (27-3) or 24 points would be added to your Win score.

Loss score is calculated as follows:

(ranking) or 26 if unranked.

Example: If you lose to the #15 team you would have 15 points added to your loss score.

To produce a Quality Win Score you take (Win score – Loss score).

Once you have a final score we subtract (MCLA Poll Rank) – (WL Rank) as an aanecdotal view of the difference between the two.

Quality Win Rank
Quality Win Score
Win Score
Loss Score
DI Poll
Difference Poll-QW Rank