This version of the RPI ignores ALL cross-divisional games (DI v DII). This only calculates games played between two DII programs.

The Standard NCAA RPI model (RPI on the spreadsheet) calculates an RPI score by weighting the following criteria

Winning Percentage (WP) – weighted at 25%

Opponent’s Winning Percentage (OWP) – weighted at 50%

Opponent’s Opponents Winning Percentage (OOWP) – weighted at 25%

You add up the three to produce an RPI score, and then that RPI score is ranked.

The Strength of Schedule is calculated using the last 2/3 of RPI (OWP*.5+OOWP*.25)

The Virtually Varsity Model weights winning equal to Strength of Schedule.

The formula for the VV RPI is


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