Clean The Ice – Week 4 Poll

Clean the Ice is a guest post of Top 25 rankings. We’d love to hear where you think they got it right and wrong on twitter

In like a Lion out like a Lamb is the old adage when talking about the weather for spring.  Luckily for us this season has been filled with savory matchups each week. February is over and March is here.  High level lacrosse is a requirement this time of year. Cream will rise to the top, it always does. Is that your team?

  1.  California (8-0)

#BeastMode is welcoming to the Hokies to town on Friday.  If they can grab this W they are locked in for the Salt Lake City and a #1 seed is looking inevitable.  Do it all player Jake Pistonik has achieved MCLA All-America status at two positions (FOS in ‘17, A in ‘18).  Will he find a way to be AA at both positions in ‘19?

  1. Arizona State (6-1)

After being down at halftime 3-6, Sun Devils outscored BYU 10-2 in the second half.  The slow start is of mild concern, but the Sun Devils are clicking on all cylinders. Driscoll is currently at 70.7%.  We are taking the over on him finishing above 70% on the season.

  1. Georgia Tech (8-0)

#RollHive is rolling into March looking like a Final Four team.  Junior attackmen Conrad McEnvoy is making a bid for player of the year averaging 6.5ppg.  Meanwhile the Jackets are above 55% in the cage & faceoffs. Assuming the Jackets can get through March undefeated they will open April against a desperate Michigan State team.  

  1. Liberty (7-0)

Spartans and Panthers roasting by an open fire this past week.  Any doubts the Flames weren’t going to #PlayWithFire have been put to rest.  Does this team actually belong at #2? A couple of juicy matchups with Virginia Tech & South Carolina on the list, but they will need someone to lose in front of them to caption a top 2 spot.

  1.  Concordia-Irvine (7-0)

Win over Michigan State was strong, but doubling up Northeastern was a statement W.  Looks like this Eagles offense is nearly unstoppable and the defense has allowed only one opponent to reach 10.  Their next three look like slam dunks so they might be taking this 9-0 record to Colorado where they can snatch a Top 8 seed with a 2-0 trip.

  1. Chapman (4-2)

It’s official, #ChapTown is back.  Win over South Carolina was convincing.  Next week looks like a gauntlet. #7 Cal Poly, Minnesota, # 10 Colorado, and CSU.  Minnesota & Colorado aren’t ranked but have enough firepower to be a problem. Come out of this week unscathed and find yourself leaping over other teams with high-quality wins.  

  1. Cal Poly (3-2)

Squeaking out a win against VT midweek looks good.  A win over Chapman on Saturday cements this team as a top 6 team.  Both sides of the ball have picked up and FOGO Ryan Brown looks to be one of the best in the west.  #RideHigh better get full gallup to win on Saturday.

  1. South Carolina (7-1)

Lose to Chapman stings as it appears the Gamecocks never challenged in that game.  Wins over UCSB & BYU were expected but giving up just 9 goals in two games is a good look.  #HouseThatHarkeyBuilt is showing a defensive strength which will prove valuable as they look to get to Nationals.

  1. Boston College (6-1)

Connecticut game is looking quite a bit tougher and UNH isn’t going to be a pushover.  With the current makeup of their schedule, Eagles might want to start doing the Tomahawk chant.

  1. Colorado (3-1)

A WIn over Clemson reminded us just how good the #RedHotBuffs offense is.  Defense will need to pick up as they welcome #Chaptown and CUI to town, two teams who can score.  

  1. Virginia Tech (3-1)

After getting doubled up by South Carolina the Hokies brought the pain to the Cardinal in a 21-5 drubbing.  A double OT loss at Cal Poly isn’t bad. Clearing woes are concerning for a team in the Top 30.

  1. USC (6-3)

Wish they had a game last weekend or this weekend.  

  1. Stanford (6-2)

The win over Dominican was expected.  16 goal loss, at home, is not a good look.  Major questions if Stanford is for real. Win over AZ is propping them up for now.  Faceoff losses are having senior netminder seeing too much rubber.

  1. Arizona (5-2)

No game this past weekend, but game against BYU looms.  Flashback of the Glory Days are shining through where a game between AZ & BYU has an incredible impact on the AL discussion.  Will the Cats call in HOF Mickey Miles-Felton for a pre-game pick me up?

  1. New Hampshire (2-0)

Benefit of starting your season on March 10?  You enter Zamboni rankings at #15. Drawback, UF has played 7 games.  Game v the Gators is ripe for an upset. #RollHogs need to build on big win over the Tigers.

  1.  Clemson (6-3)

Need to wake up that bermudagrass they are playing on.  Three games in Five days with a travel day from CO could have something to do with the one goal loss.  Matchups with FSU & South Carolina are key to the postseason.

  1. Utah Valley (2-0)

#SCTop10 is in this solely because of going viral with their highlights.  Win over Dominican last night looks good but a loss to Boise would be bad.  Schedule quality ticks up with CU on the horizon.

  1.  Connecticut (2-3)

Quality losses are like donuts.  All of us think they look good and one even tastes good.  But after a few donuts, all you get is a stomach ache and an extra twenty pounds. Huskies get a nod for the quality of play and win over FSU, but they are one French Cruller away from being in a bad spot.  

  1. Michigan State (2-4)

Sparty was thumped by Liberty on Wednesday.  Good news, better days ahead with Western Michigan and Central Michigan on the schedule, but after that it is Indiana, Hokies, GT, and South Carolina.  Uh-oh! Time to #BurnTheShips

  1.  Florida State (2-5)

Going 0-2 on this weekend and 2-5 on the season is not a good look for the Seminole.   With their remaining schedule they are AQ or bust. Win over Santa Clara is holding them in the Top 20, but we don’t feel good about it.

Knocking On The Door (aka #20-25)

Oregon | Loss to CSU has these guys hanging by a thread which is good since have the best threads in the MCLA

BYU | Win over Grand Canyon was nice, but 3 against South Carolina?  Must Win against AZ.

Colorado State | Northeastern, UNH, Chapman, CUI are next four.   Need some W’s.

Santa Clara | Cowboys are getting the best of the Broncos recently.  Need to get their mojo back against USC.

Northeastern | Welcoming the Rams to town this weekend.  Must Win.

TAMU | Need to turn the heat up in Utah so they don’t undercook the steak like they did in SELC.

Indiana | Notching win over Davenport was nice but need more.  Are Hoosiers becoming a lacrosse school?

Buffalo | Travels to ATL to play GT.  A win here could propel them to Nationals.